Build A Better Loft Bed - Great for College Dorms, Crowded Rooms and Creating Your Own Space

Is your dorm room or bedroom so crowded it feels like the mosh pit? Is the room dysfunction handicapping you? Do you wish you had a great loft bed with study space and storage, but the price is out of your budget? Have you even considered building your own, but the process looks too intimidating?

You really can build this 21st century loft bed yourself. Compare the features and see why this book of plans and instructions really is; Way More than a Bed on Stilts.

I am Erik Johanson. I have 30 years experience building, repairing, and managing property. Over the years I have built a series of college loft beds and refined the concept. I know what is truly useful, safe, and durable. And I know the process of building things inside and out. I have developed a modular loft bed frame and accessory system. This book instructs how to build that system.
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