Way More Than A Bed On Stilts is Way Better!

There are competing loft bed plans available on-line. These run the gamut from free to cheap to expensive (when you add up the charges for all the accessory options you need). You need to understand that the free and cheap ones are the oldest, crudest designs out there. They are not very useful, safe or durable. The same is true with instructions; the free stuff is so vague and general as to be nearly worthless. I guess thatís why itís free! Some of the better plans do come with instructions. These are not tailored for a beginner though. They all presume a fair amount of wood working experience. Way More Than A Bed On Stilts, contains detailed step by step instructions. Most people can do it this way.

  • Way More Than A Bed On Stilts is a problem solving resource. It is a comprehensive loft bed system that can solve a studentís crowding, storage, and study space needs. This is space saving furniture at its best! This design can double or even triple the functionality of a dormitory or small bedroom.

  • Multiple accessory options are included with the frame for one low price. This includes a bed-side table/shelf, an executive size desk with a matching book shelf, a second smaller desk design with matching shelf, paper file storage options, task lighting, drawer storage options, clothes hanging options, CD storage, a variety of containers, and more!

  • These loft bed plans include detailed instructions for everything. Even beginners can do this. The descriptive text, drawings and photographs accommodate a variety of learning styles.

  • Way More Than A Bed On Stilts is economical. Doing it yourself saves money compared to buying it ready made. And all the accessory designs are included in the book price. You donít pay another $10 for every accessory option. You get plans and instructions for all of them.

  • This loft bed is safe to use. It meets or exceeds all regulations. Not all the competition can say that. Please read the consumer product safety regulations for yourself and see why. These instructions also describe safe work practices. I hope you make them your habit.

  • This bed frame is durable. A college loft bed built from this design will serve for many years. Every component is stronger than it needs to be. This frame will not become loose or wobbly anytime soon. It seems that durability is the number one complaint about loft beds in general. Read further to see what design features were omitted from those wobbly beds.

  • This bed is attractive, see for your self. You can be proud you own this!

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